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We are changing the call center game in the United States. How? With our talent base, and location, location, location.



First world class.

What we have to offer, what makes it work, and why we are changing the industry.





Customer Experience As A Lifestyle

We wake to it and we don’t put it down until well after the lights are out because it can be improved upon.

To know about us, you have to know the history - Quality in the US eroded first slowly, then quickly as talented people left the industry for other work. CX managers and VPs took to off shore to fill the void, but ran into culture challenges even in English speaking regions of the world. Quality sunk. Little pockets prop it up, then it falls, all the while the US call center talent pool continues to underwhelm.

The fact is a lot of people have moved “back” from the US to Mexico.

Back” because they were born in Mexico, or extended family is in Mexico. Recent events (past decade) whether economic in nature, changing political headwinds, to be with family, or simply for quality of life, have brought them back and they have a deep understanding of the culture of the US and the English language. This creates the opportunity for world-class customer service with the right economics.

Get in, because the quality is going to allow for higher wages – and soon - TC, Seattle

The best agents in the US know they are apart from the rest of the team, and often abandon the opportunity at first chance, and the results show this time and time again. What has become the norm in the US, what VPs and managers deal with all the time, is a talent base that is lowering quality (eroding agent skill) and destroying efficiency (turnover) with ongoing training of new classes.

The 80/20 rule – 80% of the work being done by 20% of the agents is exactly where we are winning this battle. How about 80/80 – 80% is done by 80%? We have come to expect the 80/80 rule at Dialect.

What you have to understand about the agents is this is a good job, and with a decent salary quality of life is tremendous in Mexico. The agents want the job, seek stability, work hard, and are simply a better option than US agents due to this factor. And don’t forget – language and culture are the same as the US – Dialect agents lived in the US.